The Lords Prayer - The Korean Orphan Choir - Amazing Grace (Vinyl)

Video of man being pulled off flight shouting "I want to go home! Christine shares about how she felt when Lisa came over to cuddle Jay. Lisa tells how white guys never liked her but then she went to Jamaica and all the guys liked her, so she saved up all her cuddling earnings to go to Jamaica for the winter.

Lisa also reveals she's been in the audience of about 20 episodes of Steve Wilkos show. The group talks about taking a trip to be part of the Steve Wilkos show audience. A comedian put up a post blasting Craig Glaser for not paying him. Jay tells a story about a comedy club owner being arrested and in jail and unable to pay him.

Guys selling comedy tickets on the street. Camper Evan who is playing bass for Keith Jacob, who is opening for Feldog tomorrow night calls in. Dan brings up camper CamoAng tweeting at him about Feldog's recent acoustic set which was "live from Feldmansion". Jay talks about performing on Goddamn Comedy Jam. Lukas Rossi calls in.

Zach from Albany, GA calls in to tell the guys about a Facebook video of what transpired just before the recent viral video of the guy getting kicked off a flight. They check out a video of Keith Jacob performing his hit "Ranch Hand". Keith Jacobs music video. Evan, Keith's bassist, calls in and tells about when he was part of Keith's band and opened for the Feldog. Keith is with Evan and informs Jay about his back-up dancers. Sexual harassment stories, campers call in with tales of being sexually harassed.

The guys describe the fun at Moontower. Dan took too many mushrooms, Andy and Lou got stou'd. DJ Lou describes trying to wear down a girl that previously slept with his twin brother.

Camper Nick in CO calls in to tell about his ex-fiancee sleeping with his best friend. Jay discusses how he'd feel if Mike Vecchione got with Karla. Mercface tells about his best friend marrying a girl he used to fuck, and Andy was best man at their wedding.

Christine and Dan share stories of people they've liked and fooled around with that did not reciprocate. Michael Che joins in studio. Making out with trannys. Could Jay and Dan give a good blow job. Jay describes an incident involving his ex Cheryl and anal beads.

The crowd guesses Jay's fake crimes that Comedy Central would not allow to be printed on the fake wanted poster. Porn where girl gets fucked by a horse. Colin Quinn joins Jay and Dan on stage. Jay believes anyone who passes away by hanging was jerking off.

Bill O'Reilly putting loofahs up his ass. Jacob as the catch me outside girl. Chicago dicks trailer. The gd comedy jam guys. Silence of the lambs the musical. They bring up a camper and his chick from the audience and musical heckle them.

The whole gang sings I wanna know what love is to end the show. Playing Madden online. The girl DJ Lou mentioned last week does not want to come on the air and talk about her past with Lou's twin.

Jay and Christine returned to the scene of the crime that caused the trial, and that the guy who was the catalyst was hosting the show. A discussion of how the alcoholic brain works takes place. Jay has difficulty understanding how it works.

Canadian weed and gravity bongs. Dan can stop with weed in a way he cannot with alcohol. Justin Silver told Jay 2 stories about picking up birds that Jay does not believe. They travel down the Z-Dogg rabbit hole. A camper calls in to tell them about "Take you to the movies" by Bangs.

Camper Quinton calls in to tell them about Ronald Jenkees. Mercface Andy is leaving the Bonfire for Nick DiPaolo's show, Big Jay met Kate Flannery Meredith from The Office when she came to his show and Jay asked her about Parks and Rec, Cornell Acapella group expelled for putting icy hot on new members ball sacs as hazing, camper Mike in IL calls in with hazing stories, Luis J Gomez calls in and agrees to put icy hot on his balls on LoS, Rich Vos in studio and he and Jay discuss how unimpressed they are with the size of their soft dicks, Jay tells about his daughter's incredibly unenthusiastic recital leading to the team checking out choir videos and come across the Chula Vista boys choir led by Carlos singing I'll Be There, and the Monte Vista high school choir singing Africa by Toto.

Merc Face Andy's last day on the show. Mark Normand is a guest. Dan catches a foul ball with his bare hand at a Mets game. They watch a video of some crazy chick obsessing over the new Harry Styles song. The gang ceremoniously folds The Bonfire flag to send Merc Face out.

Football, Dan carrying a stroller up the stairs with a single mom. Boogie Nights Music the whole show. Guest Dan St. Drunk Lou Moontower bit. Jay tells a story about getting a hooker like 15 years ago.

Dan did a Yahoo web series about a Russian bath house. Chapelle enforcing having your phone locked in a bag at his shows. A couple was in the green room over the weekend and the guy kept getting the girl to show her panties to everyone there.

They ended up wiping out pretty bad and getting kicked out. Camper Mitch in Denver calls in. Getting drunk and gassy at high altitudes. Mike Vecchione in studio. Choke jerk discussion. Justin Silver in studio for more choke jerk conversation. Justin defends his story of picking up birds. Justin sent a video of him holding a bird to Jay, Jay believes it's a dead bird.

The guys let Mike and Justin know about watching the Transformers trailer last week and that they've been talking in Mark Whalberg voice about "robot cahs" ever since. Jay's daughter and ex wife in studio, also comedian Craig Gass. They discuss Izabella Jay's daughter doing standup. Jay would rather her be a stripper than do improv. The guys mock black circuit catch phrase comedy. Dan decides Izabellas catch phrase should be "I'm grown enough! Chris Cornell choke jerk bit.

Biggy Smalls bit. There is a bunch of hilarious stuff in between these bits. The last half of the show, Craig Gass tells a crazy story about having sex with 3 girls in Jay and Carla's brand new car. Jay and Dan talk about Justin Silver being obsessed with air drumming. Jay tries to beat Shazam. Jay says he wants to challenge Justin to an air-drum-off. Justin Silver calls in to talk air drumming.

Camper Jonathan calls in to tell the guys that Feldog's song Go 4 It was originally sung by a girl named Celine Stone and oddly, Snoop is featured in both versions. Roy Wood Jr in studio to talk Afrin and kids doing gross tricks like flipping their eyelids or being double jointed. Jackass, Borat and silly comedy. Prank phone calls are Level 1 assholes. Matt Ruby joins in studio to talk first nut smash of their lives. Camper Mike calls in with a Canadian hockey nut shot story.

More campers call in with nut injury stories. Live show from Clusterfest in San Francisco. Jay's Uber score is low for telling drivers how to get places. Senile Seinfeld. Nate Bargatze on stage. Lift driver in the audience explains what could lower a passenger's score. Swearing as a kid, selling your merch.

Anthony Jeselnik on stage. Shark week, Deepest bluest my hat is like a sharks fin. Girl who tried to kill herself by polar bear. Sal Volcano on stage to talk about being hit by cars as a kid. Dan tells about almost being hit as a kid and Jay re-tells about hitting a girl with his car. Jay tells a story about an encounter with a Wawa cashier. Shitting on tour busses or at house parties.

Will Silvince in studio. Will tells stories of how he was raised. No sleepovers or going to other people's houses. Strategies his mother had so they wouldn't get robbed.

Prison catering, robotics. Which famous people's kids are successful like their parents? Stripper names. Will's dildo invention and dildo bikes. Sibian dildo is basically Will's dildo invention. Will tells a story about a woman kicked out of a comedy show who he followed outside. A video of the woman talking to the cops, filmed by Will himself, ended up going viral because of her DelCo accent. He couldn't decide which he regretted more: her getting fired or the fact he filmed it vertically instead of horizontally.

The guys announce the show is going to 4 nights a week in July Dan's good looking former roommate Pete's episode of Love Connection, Dan shows his rich ex's Instagram to Jay and the team, Carrie Fisher's toxicology report.

Dan and Ramon Revis skyping in from LA. People who celebrate their birthday for a week or month. It's DJ Lou's birthday and Jacob brought a cookie cake. Lou is drinking and the windows are being covered. Jay is annoyed by the diamond sellers on the streets of Manhattan. Cleveland Cavaliers drama. Lou's twin brother Will in studio with his birthday date. More LaGrange intro riffing. Skankfest was the weekend before and the guys talk about how it went.

Ari threw a cup of piss in Zack Amico's face at the The Lords Prayer - The Korean Orphan Choir - Amazing Grace (Vinyl) roast battle. Jay tells a story about his cousin's friend pissing on a girl who was passed out drunk and kneed her in the face on a separate occasion.

Camper Corey calls in to tell about being tricked into drinking piss by former friends. Did Lou's twin brother fuck his birthday date? Jay reveals a girl on SDR show peed in his mouth. Jay revealed for Lou's birthday present, he wanted to get a "passable" tranny with a big dick who would lap dance for Lou and then boom he gets "trunked in the face". Nate Bargatze in studio. Dan talks about his drinking days and Nate and Jay meeting Dan's girlfriend. Has Tiger Woods' sex addiction turned into another addiction?

They confirm it doesn't. A The Lords Prayer - The Korean Orphan Choir - Amazing Grace (Vinyl) guard in Miami pulled over cop while pretending to be a cop. Jimmy Buffet songs cause Dan to tear up because of Gary's love of Buffet. Being too drunk, Goddamn Comedy Jam.

Joe's friend Rocco who is a recovering alcoholic used to talk to his morning beers and has jokes about AA. Joe being caught talking to a ficus by his wife. A discussion of the first jokes they ever wrote. Jay then tells those jokes in his style awesome bit. Little person comedian who compared saying the n-word to midget and actually says the n-word, in a room of predominantly black people. Jay tells about Kurt Metzger abandoning his cats in the woods when he couldn't bring them after he moved.

Mike Vecchione and Bert Kreischer are eskimo brothers. Boo and his buddies decided one of them had to do it, and he drew the short straw and got knocked out by the orangutan. They check out a video of Bert riding a bull. Bert's encounters with the Jackass guys. Bert Kreischer in studio. The roast battle from the night before, Facetime and Facebook calls. Prank phone calls. Joe DeRosa joins in studio. Hate watching comedy. Meeting Pete Davidson for the first time.

Hate watching Nick Cannon's stand-up. Fame based on looks vs talent. Joe DeRosa's verse in a rap song. The first Lost Tapes: latin american superstar Marc B in the fishbowl making it difficult for the guys to get to the studio. Referring to shitting as "making". College fight songs. Jay dated a girl who was relapsing on heroin.

Ron Artest getting hit by a glass of water and fighting a different person than the one who threw it. Metta World Peace's rap music.

Dave Atell in studio to talk Denny's vs Waffle House fights. When women get involved in their boyfriend's fights. Video of a guy cold-cocking a girl for serving him cold chicken. Jacob is away in Florida. Angry Jacob drops are used before the story that leads to the drops airs. Luis J Gomez arrives to the studio on his penny board. Opie was fired from SiriusXM earlier in the day. Guilty pleasure music and "It's been Speculation about what is going on in the studio on the other side of the window.

Black Lou was married the previous weekend and the group looks at photos. BL revealed they met when he worked at Easy Spirit, a store for old lady sneakers and clothes, and she was his manager.

Jay remembers his stepfather and young female cousins singing "Mama I'm Coming Home" to his great grandmother at a family function and the hilarity of the situation given what the song is truly about. Videos of choreographed dances at weddings.

Dante Nero joins after second break to talk about Vatican sex orgies in the news. Jacob is away and DJ Lou is in charge, the team is excited for Feldog's birthday concert coming up Sunday night and discuss which songs they want to hear, Jay cannot get over Kenny Loggins Keep the Fire album cover, the team chats about Barbizon School for Models, the team watches the first appearance of TWIN ks Mirror Image on America's Got Talentthen videos of people getting caught in revolving doors.

Lost tapes: the team discusses the documentary Electric Bugaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Canon Films and the claim to fame celebrity of each of the team's neighbourhoods where they grew up. The night before, the whole team and Sal Volcano went to see Corey Feldman perform with his angels for his birthday. DJ Lou and Dan were both incredibly nervous that the campers in attendance would ruin the show, but all crises were averted.

They play a clip of opener Poesha, who sang angry at guys ballads. Dave Atell arrived during the opener and purchased some of her merch. During the performance 4 guys in suits approached Sal and informed him Corey is a big fan of Sal and invited Sal backstage.

They also showed Sal the track setlist, which would take 3 hours prompting The Lords Prayer - The Korean Orphan Choir - Amazing Grace (Vinyl) compared to Springsteen. They bring up the fact that Feldog referred to this as a "world tour". They watch the epic hype video that started off the show. Ron Bennington joins them in studio for a few minutes. They chat about opening track "Ascension Millennium" and Jacob's love of the track, the second song played "Duh" acronym for Done Under Haloand the ladies twirling on rings hanging from the ceiling.

They review the musical talents of the angels and Corey's song covers. Comedian Josh Johnson joins them in studio after the last break. Big Jay and Dan reveal that Corey got tired and removed 4 songs from the playlist. They speculate about Corey's drug use, then talk about his 2 closing songs: "What's Up With the Youth?

Ari Shaffir in studio. Big Jay fills Ari in on how much of a jerk John Fugelsang is around leaving the studio at 5 and cleaning up after himself in the studio.

Camper Nick calls in to tell about getting punched by a chick for calling her fat at a Richard Marx concert. Mike Finoia joins in studio. They read an article someone wrote about getting an angry email after calling Marx's music shameless. Looking at wedding photos of Marx and Fuentes, Jacob says "their love making must be beautiful" which becomes a drop. Jacob claims it's something Howard Stern said a couple years back when the guys make fun of him about it.

They then check out a colonics gag commercial Richard Marx did. Mike Finoia reveals his parents used to bang to Take These Broken Wings so he can;t listen to that song anymore.

They look into the dietary value of chia seeds. Talk of colonoscopies and endoscopies. Luis tells about his skateboard life. Luis explains his beef with Michael Bisping. Differences in ways to get porn when they were teens and now. They discuss the murder of James Bulger, then an 19 year-old from Romania who auctioned her virginity for a million dollars and got an offer of 2.

Lost tapes: Dan describes skydiving. They check out a video of a couple fucking while skydiving. The guys watch interviews with skeezy porn stars. Big Jay complains about Fugelsang staying in the studio after 5pm.

Bit of racist Clint Eastwood. DJ Lou describes his last physical fight, which was with his twin brother. Pre-record, Big Jay is in Montreal. Mike Vecchione in studio with Dan. They chat about their gym and the crossfit studio across the street from their apartment. Dan will not go to the Starbucks across the street from their apartment because it used to be a funeral home. The Indian ladies working at the Dunkin Donuts across the street love Dan. They talk about their mutual hate for a trainer that only trains hot chicks and the fact that their landlord doesn't fix things in their apartment Mike didn't have a light in his room for 8 months.

Dan reveals he got warts from the gym and transferred them to his dick. A camper calls in to tell about having warts on his face in second grade. Louis Katz in studio to discuss stealthing telling a chick you're wearing a condom when you aren't and a time when Louis was banging a chick in Atlanta, got urethritis and thought he had an STD. Difficulty pissing in public, shitting in public Jay won't ever, Dan will. Nick Dipaulo joins the guys. Stories of shitting in public.

MidWestern tourists in NYC leads to discussion of street performers. The guys chat about what they've been doing in Montreal. Jay tells about walking around in his underwear in front of the hotel maid. Christine talks about flipping her handlebars as a kid and riding citibikes. Dan mentions wearing board shorts with no underwear, inspiring Jay to tell a story about Kurt Metzger dressed as Freddie Mercury for Halloween with ball hairs coming through his tights.

Sal Volcano on stage to talk about choke jerking and playing pass-out as kids. Christine has to re-tell about her friend who killed a girl from bondage. Happy meals not being enough food, happy meal toys from childhood. Jay and Dan look at photos of kids with fetal alcohol syndrome to see if Dan perhaps has it. They come up with the term "the Syn-dome". Down's syndrome MMA fight.

Jay wants to see nude photos of Oscar Pistorius' deceased girlfriend. The guys go through a list of the best disabled athletes and select the players in the Syn-dome.

Dan describes Ari pulling a real G move at Panoramafest - Dan had weed cigarettes from The Lords Prayer - The Korean Orphan Choir - Amazing Grace (Vinyl) in his smoke pack, security made him throw them out on the way in, Ari just grabbed the pack out of the big garbage can when the security personnel weren't looking.

They talk about and watch some videos of Glass Animals. Jay and Dan aren't big fans of this "good looking guy rock". Dan talks about his time working in the fish cannery in Alaska. DJ Lou plays Johnny Cash's version. The fued with the Fuge continues. The boys discuss their actual and ideal dick sizes; Dan wants nothing to do with prolapsed buttholes; Cop animals; Jay doesn't like Indian names, bathroom talk leads to a discussion of poop sounds vs. Lost Tapes - Dan is going to a bachelor party and a funeral; stripper talk; bad teeth and braces; Danielle Bregoli; choke-jerk spotting; a list of people that died while choke-jerking leads to Jay's theory that all suicides by hanging were actually choke-jerks The guys talk about rich kids of Instagram and about how wealthy people hate the poor.

Dan and Tim also discuss how much they like or dislike social media and about conspiracy theories. Anthony Devito joins in on the conspiracy talk later on in the show as well. Lost Tapes: Fat Manson crushes himself on stage, 21 Savage and Amber Rose, and looking at pics of douche boyfriends taking perfect Instagram pics of their girlfriends. The team talks about their love for WaWa, the Dolphins offensive-line coach's snorting video, Soder's interactions with said snorter, men vs women being blackmailed over sex.

Tim Dillon in studio to chat about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Cheryl calls in to try to defend her email to the show about taking offence from the guys riffing on Cam Newton's remarks. Dan's look is compared to high school shooters, Jacob doesn;t have it in him to go to sex island, and the guys check out some Gigi Hadid videos. Comedian Andrew Schulz in studio, the team and callers discuss the best vacuum on the market, the latest Harvey Weinstein allegations, Jay's story of banging a cousin not blood relative!

Comedians Dan Perlman and Kevin Iso in studio, the guys discuss Kathy Lee Gifford's new Gospel hit about her late husband Frank, cool bongs, the worst celebrity personal assistant stories. Comedian Jay Larson in studio to discuss a Russian woman who died hanging out a car window in Dominican Republic, Feldog arrested for marijuana possession, Sheets vs.

WaWa, more Weinstein allegations. Dan discovers his tickets to the Eaglesers game are shit, the Bonfire Campers Facebook group, the campers try to get Wawa's attention againcomedian Chad Daniels in house. WaWa tweeted at the show, GinjaNinja23 calls in and reads his Elite Camper names on air, Shuli Egar from the Stern show drops by and describes his time as a blackjack dealer, Dan and Jay fill Shuli in about what's happening with the Felddog, Shuli shares the story of his own personal felddog encounter.

Dan and Jay are back from their trip to Philly for the Eaglesers game, they talk about the camper meet up after the game, they chat about the Kevin Spacey news and watch a WaWa fight video. Comedian Will Sylvince joins the guys as they discuss the recent sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, Jenn Sterger and her complaints against barstool sports, and watch a video of a creepy nerd that catfished a girl and then accosts her.

Lost Tapes: the guys investigate Dalia Dipolitto and her attempt to hire a hitman to murder her husband Michael, then watch an episode of Cheaters. Comedian Gino Bisconte fills in for Dan to chat about the latest with the NFL and Ezekiel Elliot, talk about a guy suing the doctors and nurses he recorded trash talking him during his colonoscopy. Then they all watch videos of Tyrese crying on Instagram and celebrities reacting to the crying videos.

They discuss an Eagles fan getting a superbowl tattoo and family walking in on you masturbating and different methods females use to masturbate. Lost tapes: Mike Finoia co-hosts and tells about his time on the Impractical Jokers Cruise, Jay practices for the Goddamn Comedy Jam, and they review all of the things that can be purchased from Gene Simmons.

Dan has returned from his Nana's to join Jay and read Louie CKs apology, discuss sexual dynamics in the workplace, and find the most rigidly acted gay porn ever.

Adult star Alison Tyler joins Jay and Dan to talk about their fascination with midgets, watch videos of little people doing amazing things, and wrap it up with some bonfire theatre. Nate Bargatze fills in for Dan.

Jay tells Nate about the un-enthusiastic crowd he sang We're an American Band for at the Bennington Thanksgiving show, Jay's hilarious story of choosing a piece of jewellery for Christine that the salesman lost it in the shop so gave him a more expensive piece for that price, then called Jay after finding the original and requested he return the more expensive piece, Peter Vescey's Biggie lyric tweet, the inception of Jay's character trans comic Waffle Johnson, La Var Ball is a maniac, are cows bread as food?

Joe DeRosa in studio. Jay tells about a girl at Helium in Philly when he performed that weekend who was kicked out for being drunk during his show, blamed Jay for getting kicked out, tried to call him via Facebook messenger and sent him an angry message later that night.

She wrote him the next day and claimed she was drugs, which Jay, Dan and Joe think is bullshit. Jay received a message from the guy who had brought this chick not his girlfriend to find out she was not drugged.

They talk about how some people get shitty when drunk. Dan tells a story and mentions Fujack for the first time. The guy who brought the girl to Jay's comedy show, Frank, calls in and details his night from hell. Jay brings up how the debit machine in a clothing store he recently shopped in asked if he would donate to a foundation supporting little Kayla, a sick girl that it showed a picture of.

They close out watching a video of Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, being drunk and racist. Izabella gives Dan and her Dad the scoop on Team Jay compares Jake Paul's look to the girl from Roxette. They watch a diss video that Woah Vicky made towards Rice Gum.

A woman's privates sound just like a dog drinking water. Jaden Smith's new song sung as Bruce Springsteen, and love-gun play turns deadly.

Justin Silver joins the show. Jay talks about his Eagles winning over the weekend, Jay and Dan question Jacob's wrist protectors. Justin describes his love of birds, and the team discusses Black Friday shoppers and the Barbara Streisand Netflix documentary.

They talk about the sex roster and possible fake dreadlocks of Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, and favourite WaWa foods. They then discuss guys taking their girls last name. There are tons of tourists in town for the tree lighting and Dan is annoyed, camper Derek in Columbus GA calls in to tell about being an African American man who plays Santa at the local mall, the team discuss the recent allegations against Matt Lauer. It's Charles Manson day on the Lost Tapes!

Parole hearings, re-enactors, and one of the team looks just like Charles Manson when he was arrested. They read an article about straight men having sex with each other and discuss Chris Stanley joins the show to talk about the old days of taking drugs.

They watch videos of strong black women stating what they want in a man, Jay's MTV audition 2 years ago Comedians Dave Smith and Chad Zumock join the show. They discuss age groups in bars, Dustin Hoffman vs. John Oliver, and Big Jay's birthday. DJ Lou confesses to Dan and Jay on air. The team then watches video of Dalia Dipolito getting caught. Comedian Mike Finoia joins the show to talk about the events of last nights live recording and open gifts from the campers.

They watch a video of Josh Homme of QotSA kicking a photographer and discuss the bizarre behaviour of other performers. Big Jay is upset with his iPhone X. He's fed up with the cloud and hates transferring his content to a new phone. Then the team discusses the latest sexual harassment scandal to break: the NFL Network, the athlete's state of mind towards women, and Dan's love of Kat Dennings.

Later in the episode they break down a video that a guy named Joe sent to a hot girl, Julia, that he had met. The team goes down the Chanel West Coast rabbit hole, watching videos of her arguing outside the club, getting arrested and her beef with C Tha God. They break down a junkie fight video, then watch a video of young Asian lil Tay go off on her haters. The Live Christmas Show! Best of the Bonfire Dr Phil's dog Maggie, Cash me outside girl, racist Clint Eastwood, a befuddled guinea, Coachella craigslist ad to remember, Andy's best man speech, Carlos sings!

Comedian Sam Morrill and Mercface Andy join to discuss Logan Paul's viral video of finding a body in a Japanese suicide forest, Dan recalls his drinking days, and they discuss the hilariously awkward NYE telecast. Comedian Chris DiStefano in studio as the team discusses their favourite cereals. Chris tells an amazing story of his father accidentally feeding him dog food after his parents divorce.

The team goes down the Chondra Pierce rabbit hole, Dan discusses the mom haircuts of Denver, and why widowers are sexier than widows. Today the bonfire is a packed house! Comedian Godfrey joins the show searching for his lost hat he uses the studio before Fugelsangand the team returns to their breakdown of A Tale of Two Coreys.

Bert Kriescher and Matteo Lane join in the fun, and Bert tells the team about a documentary he saw where Corey Haim wrote music for dolphins.

Comedian Marc Normand in studio as the team confesses their love for Sierra Skye and her photos, and they start a pool for when she will leave Roman for a billionaire, and the breakdown of A Tale of Two Coreys.

Lost Tapes: the guys continue down the Chondra Pierce rabbit hole and check out the huge surprise at the end of her Netflix special. Joe List in studio to speculate about the California parents who imprisoned their 13 kids for years.

They then watch a video of a woman who will not stand for a mouse in her house. The gang talks about Justin Timberlake's new album and tour name.

Later in the show the team checks back in with the Turpin family, to find out Mrs Turpin's sister claims Mr Turpin used to watch her shower. Big Jay and Dan recount the songs on the sexy mixed tapes of their youths note: after this episode the show was off for one week while Jay did ShipRocked. Best of episodes were aired. Best of episode originally aired January 18, Mark Normand and Greg Stone in studio to discuss bad places to raise children and drunken voicemails.

Later in the show they talk about working in fast food. No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating nowadays is hard. For single expats in Germany, dating is even harder. Online Dating. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Germany, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second.

Dating Profile. Is online dating easier for single female expats in The Lords Prayer - The Korean Orphan Choir - Amazing Grace (Vinyl) than for their male counterparts? Dating Tips. Register Login Language: English en.

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Fool (If You Think Its Over), Me Mataré - Daniel Santos - Mi Diario Musical (Vinyl, LP, Album), Water - The Soil Bleeds Black - Quintessence (CD, Album), All Along The Watchtower - Bob Dylan - Brixton Academy 2003 (CD, Album), Circular Fever - The Tourists - Reality Effect (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mitglied Im Club - Yage (4) - Some Time Of A Time (Vinyl, LP), Violet, Planet Of The Birds - Karera Musication - Koroshiya Ichi Original Soundtrack (CD, Album), Forte (n) - Dr. Bergen Evans, Robert S. Breen - Practical Vocabulary Improvement, Vol. 4 (Vinyl, LP), MunckBjørnKodal - Instruktioner Til Gud (CD, Album), 光酒 - 増田俊郎* - 「蟲師」 オリジナル サウンドトラック 蟲音 前 (CD), What A Little Moonlight Can Do - Cécile McLorin Salvant - WomanChild (CD, Album), Peto, Modern Talking - The Very Best Of Modern Talking (Cassette), Jorge Jara & Nikol Claude - La Caverna Part. 1 (File, MP3)

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